New DREAM web store up; Remember and Chungking Mansions vinyl on sale

We have just unveiled our new webstore at

You will be able to find and purchase the Chungking Mansions and Remember 12″ vinyl here.

More items on sale soon, including new albums, cassette pre-orders and apparel

And stay tuned as we continue to develop the store further in the coming weeks



October 23rd – Chungking Mansions 12″ / Remember 12″ / New web store opens
October 25th – Cassette reissue pre-orders on sale

October 26th – Pixelord – Hypnorave
October 31st – ???

November 1st – Pixelord / Free Refills on NTS Radio
November 2nd – Yoshimi – Island
November 9th – w u s o –  Don’t Forget Me
November 12th – Sangam and Kid Smpl – Shadow Knight
November 16th – GLOBAL – UNIFICATION
November 19th – Laust – Edelis
November 23rd – AUT2M – Corrupt
November 29th – AUT2M / Dr. Nakano on NTS Radio
November 30th – Snakepiss – Celestial Dragster

December 1st – DREAM apparel
December 3rd – Lighth – The Skin Falls Off The Body
December 7th – Coldboy – Cold
December 10th – Ganz Feld – Urania
December 14th – Halo Acid – Body Dares


New tape pre-orders [May 2018]

Return Of The High Intellect Nymphomaniac Anime Legend 3000

Chess dropped this nightmare mixtape last month with world class artwork from the incredible Metagyndes, an evolution from “I Am..” into deeper darkness and channelling some kind of flappy bird delirium from M. Smith, this cassette shell of a former human being-cum-robot android freak is now on real tape. LED printed shell.

Buy cassette for £9 (PRE-ORDER)


Halo Acid
Lines Of Fracture

Drowning in the sea of drugged up freaks in a basement in London and gasping for air, the alarm is going off for some reason but you don’t know whether you’re just having an anxiety attack or not. And the daylight is no better, so staying awake is torture — or bliss?? LED printed shell.

Buy cassette for £9 (PRE-ORDER)


werewolf hair
digital americana mixtape

Straight up grunge punk home-made rock cowboy rhythms with a touch of modern country heartbreak. A coming of age armed with only a les paul in the middle of the US desert in the age of insanity and a can of coke zero. This digital mixtape is now a physical tape, at last. LED printed shell.

Buy cassette for £9 (PRE-ORDER)


Slime Mask

We here at Dream Catalogue rescued this heavy as fuck drone set from the abyss of Martin Smith’s new look TKX and instead dropped it here a few months back. Now coming out on tape, as it should. Consider this a rare treat for deepest vault dwellers. LED printed shell.

Buy cassette for £9 (PRE-ORDER)


Chungking Mansions

Somewhere between Asia and Europe, somewhere between night and day, somewhere between the city and the country. ShowView was CKM’s introduction to the dream industry back in 2015 and this is another overdue reissue. Check this and Mahakala to witness an artist evolve with us. LED printed shell.

Buy cassette for £9 (PRE-ORDER)


Nmesh and t e l e p a t h
Path To Lost Eden

As per request, the overdue reissue of PTLE finally arrives after a two and a half year wait. The album splits between Nmesh’s journey into the heart of darkness only to find the beautiful light source within in the slushed up majesty of Tele’s side. By now a DREAM classic. LED printed shell.

Buy cassette for £9 (PRE-ORDER)



The drop that started it all for the monolithic cyberpunk dream music project of HKE and t e l e p a t h. The first time this album has been available as a cassette for sale. LED printed shell.

Buy cassette for £9 (PRE-ORDER)


Jade Statues
Executive Towers

A short but sweet beat tape laced with executive suite vibes that provided the soundtrack to an LSD Emulator inspired video game, and a much needed reissue going back years. LED printed shell.

Buy cassette for £9 (PRE-ORDER)



One of the defining albums of the Dream Catalogue sound in its formative years, a moody companion piece to Birth of a New Day from the CEO himself. A Hong Kong dream comes to life inside your head.  LED printed shell.

Buy cassette for £9 (PRE-ORDER)